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Piptel Ltd

Business Advantage from Your Technology Investments
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Piptel Ltd will help you gain business value from your business investments, including:

→ increasing your business capabilities by investing in new IT/Comms technology

→ provide in-depth technical consultancy to inform intellectual property disputes

→ provision of Technical Expert in Court proceedings

→ developing internal Business Cases

→ formally procure from the chosen supplier

→ project/programme management of systems & services

→ trouble-shooting, or improving, existing systems and projects

→ working within, or supplying to, the Public Sector


Customer testimonials

Piptel Ltd "understands the business drivers and how to harness ICT to deliver transformation"

Essex County Council


"Thank you very much for all of your hard work .... We couldn’t have asked for a better expert for the case"

Marks & Clerk Solicitors

Piptel Ltd 
T: 07736 180370
Vm: +1 435 304 4376
F: 07053 611040